The dangers of 4G

4G poster

I saw a sign this morning. The title was ‘OM4G’. It was advertising the new 4G Network, which promises to be the ‘fastest’ network ever. The sign made me think.

Aside from the obvious: that mankind is becoming so addicted to instant gratification that we have all but lost the ability to be still, patient and unstimulated, there are many other dangers that 4G produce.

The health implications are still very much unknown, making the 4G experiment in many respects a form of vivisection, with every animal in the world (human beings included) as the Guinea Pig.

Tracey-Lee Dorny has 60 pine trees in her garden, all of which were scorched and blackened by an unknown force. The blackening of the trees occurred at exactly the same time as 4G was being tested in her neighborhood. The full article is below.

4G Scorches Trees

The evidence supplied by Tracey-Lee Dorny is worrying, but also very inconclusive. We will not know for sometime whether there is a direct connection between the burning of the trees and the testing of 4G. But the immediate and evident health ramifications are not what is concerning the meditative world. It is the subtle body that, for now at least, is taking the brunt of the effects from 4G, 3G and Wifi.


The subtle body is something so refined, so delicate. It conditions our ability to feel and truly engage with our experience. When our subtle body is bombarded with foreign materials it closes down. This directly diminishing our quality of experience, our meditation practice and, ultimately, our ability for our bodies to function coherently.

Below is a warning that my meditation teacher and former monastic, Burgs, has written about 4G:

“Please some of you with the time, think about ways to protest against this new 4G network. Please act now before we all have it imposed upon us.Most of the coherence in our ambient chi field has been hugely violated by 3 G and WIFi already. This coherence is what nature depends upon as its organising principle. Without it things will break apart very swiftly. Not only that but it is the basic space that we all rest in when we sleep. It is now no longer a place of rest, which means that people’s innate capacity to reorganise after being challenged or stressed is becoming impaired. The only response to this is to shut down the subtle nervous system. There is no other way to cope with the violence that these signals are doing to our organising software…The resonance that we all rely upon to keep both our conscious minds and physical bodies in order is now violated at the deepest possible level. And the tragedy is that because there are no obvious signs manifesting physically ( yet) no one is able to protest convincingly. Yet if we wait until the brain and the physical body start to pack up it will be WAY too late. It is like waiting to develop lung cancer so we can prove the dangers of smoking. PLEASE DON’T NUMB ON THIS. PLEASE OPT OUT OF 4G when someone tries to sell it to you at your next upgrade.”

And here is a video about Wifi.

The problem is obvious. Until you stop, quieten down and bring your awareness to your body instead of your thoughts you will never be able to feel your chi fields. If you are not even aware that chi exists, then you will be completely oblivious to the effects that constant bombardment from different electro magnetic fields has on it. So the vast majority of people in the West will only ever be aware of what they deem to be the positive results of 4G and Wifi: getting information even faster, and being able to distract ourselves even more easily. People are unable to see the effects that such intense stimulation is having on their minds and bodies. I believe that most never will realise this.

Think about it. Mankind has, in all of our pioneering ambition, strayed so very far from our natural environment. We evolved on the plains of Africa, surrounded by only the most natural and subtle of energies. This is the space in which we were able to evolve one of the most complicated set of biological and subtle material systems in the known universe. These systems did not evolve to handle the constant bombardment from unnatural energies that we are exposing them too. And when they are exposed to them, like the most delicate of flowers, they close and wither.

Subtle Body

Every time I sit to meditate in the city I feel the effects of these unnatural fields. My heart base shakes, my concentration wavers at a very subtle level and my chi fields do not flow effortlessly. It is only when I escape to the countryside that the natural order of my body is restored.

But 4G, so they say, will soon be everywhere, country and city alike, and then even our natural escapes will be altered. It is a very sad reality and one that I feel is going to go ahead regardless of any opposing calls.

I do, however, believe that there are certain measures that we can take: turn off your wifi and revert back to your wired connection and refuse to upgrade to 4G. This body of ours is such a miracle. Treat it delicately.

May All Beings Be Happy.



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